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Service activities

A Snapshot of our Community & Service Activities

UK service activities

Feeding the Homeless programme

Having previously done a fortnightly feeding programme in London the club are now concentrating their efforts on addressing local needs in Ilford.

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Diabetic Screenings and Awareness

This is a continuous project to inform the general public about the dangers of this killer disease. We work together with Diabetes UK and local groups to set up screenings and seminars.

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Regular collection of Eye Glasses and frames

The Lions Club of Fairlop collect various used items that can be recycled and re-used to benefit those needy of them.  We have been collecting spectacles, hearing aids, printer cartridges and used stamps.

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Tree Planting

Each year it is our intention to plant a certain amount of trees within our local borough of Redbridge to help the environment. We do this in conjunction with the Conservation unit in Redbridge.

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Message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle is not solely a Lions initiative, however it is an initiative that very many Lions Clubs across the country have taken to and recognise as a means of fulfilling our motto “We Serve”, often funding the scheme from their own charity accounts.

Together with two other clubs in our Zone, we regularly supply these lifesaving bottles to local hospitals and other organisations who are responsible for vulnerable persons.

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A Christmas Deed

On Christmas day 2015 Lion Doreen Carr was delighted to spend part of the day transporting elderly people who would otherwise have had a lonely Christmas to a full day of company, food and entertainment around an Alice in Wonderland theme. The lady in the photo is Ivy and she is 99!

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International service activities

We hold and fund 2 eye camps in India each year to provide Cataract operations. We fund approx. 600 operations at a cost of approx. £18000-£20000. Some of our members attend in person each year to oversee both camps for duration of around 2 weeks in Feb/March every year at their own cost.

Eye camps in India

The Lions Club of Fairlop have for many years held eye camps in Punjab, India. These camps are attended by several members of the club at their own cost and very much reflects the spirit of Lionism. The eye camps are staged in February and March every year where approx. 600 operations are performed and are a combination of adult and children’s operations.

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Water Bore Hole project Africa

After the admirable success of the Kwa Luma water project in Makindu, Kenya, Lions Club of Fairlop embarked on a second joint venture with Ramgarhia Youth Association, Kenya, Sikh Union, Nairobi and Sikh Union, Coventry to carry out another bore hole water project in Kenya in the semi-arid area of Kionyweni, Machakos.

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CanSupport is a Charity in India that provides home care and palliative care to patients with cancer. As most people prefer the comfort of their home, when their cancer advances the Charity send teams of doctor’s nurses and counsellors to their homes in and around New Delhi to provide the care and support that they need.

A total of £5780 was raised on the day by staging a golf tournament at Ealing golf club.

Lion Brijesh Chauhan is pictured below presenting the cheque to the charity in India.

Cheque Presentation