"Ordinary people, Amazing things".

Club Merits

Lions Club of Fairlop has been a leading club in our District for many years and has been recognised on numerous occasions throughout the years for the Lionistic work that we do.  Our members will continue to serve those less fortunate than ourselves in our local, National and International communities.

Below are some of the awards that the club has received.

Other Achievements:

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100% LCIF Contributing club- feb 2008

2009-10- Retention Campaign

2009-10- Year round growth patch

April 10- LCIF Trophy

Club Renewal Patch with report-2007

CSF11 Model club

CSF11 Top 5 Club 2007-8

Melvin Jones 2007

Melvin Jones- 2009-10

Retention Campaign 2006-2007

TOP 5 Club- CSF11- 2006-7

Holders of Melvin Jones Award

(The highest honour a Lion Member can receive)


Guy Jandoo

Satwinder Nandhra

Praful Chakravarti

Deepak Vijh

Tajinder Marway

Satpal Chana

Samir Mody

Iqbal Abedali

Satwant Jandu

Amarjit Soora

Doreen Carr

Ajit Battu

Surjit Chodda

Holders of 1st Progressive Melvin Jones Award

Guy Jandoo

Satwinder Nandhra

Praful Chakravarti

Doreen Carr